Other Researches

Introduction of web browser based robot remote control system (Oct., 2016)

This video introduces our remote control system for the mobile robot that runs ROS. The system can work on a web browser and does not need to install dedicated software to operators PC. Also, the system either work on Android device since browser base.


Development of the wired power feeding system of MUAV for long-term surveillance (Sept., 2015)

In disaster environments, it is very dangerous for rescue crews to enter and investigate the disaster site. Therefore, surveillance activity by unmanned robots, instead of humans, is expected. Particularly, investigation using a combination of Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) mounted on the UGV can expand a range of work space. However, due to payloads, flight time of the UAV is limited and very short. Therefore, we aimed to develop a tethered UAV system, mounted on UGV for long time exploration. In this research, we conducted initial tests to confirm our developing system, and report the result about them.


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