Other researches

Improvement in measurement area of three-dimensional LiDAR using mirrors mounted on mobile robots (Sept. 2019)

Typically, a LiDAR is installed at the front side of a mobile robot to reduce interference with other equipment. Due to such an installation, about half of the measurement area of LiDAR can’t be used because the robot’s body blocks it. In addition, there is an unmeasurable area where the LiDAR can not measure close to the robot due. Therefore, in this research, the authors aim to expand the measurement area of LiDAR by installing mirrors in the blind area. By installing mirrors in the blind area of LiDAR, the measurement area can be expanded without disturbing the regular measurement. Based on the method, the robot enabled to obtain surface information of stairs during stair climbing, which was typically difficult to obtain. (Ref: FSR2019: http://www.srg.mech.keio.ac.jp/fsr2019/pdf/FSR_2019_paper_13.pdf )


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